Durkee Cap Frames

Durkee Hoops,

I received my cap frame hoop tonight. I've been in the business for many years. I go way back to 1983. I was a technician on ***** equipment. In 1999 I decided to go into the sewing end of things. I have to tell you that the cylinder hooping system ***** has is not good. When I get hat jobs to do I cringe. I HATE doing hats!!!! I stumbled over your site. I watched a few you tube videos and said it's worth a try. Your price is awesome, and shipping is super-fast. Thank you.

Ok, are you ready? UPS drops off the box, I'm like a kid the night before Christmas. I rip open the box and with-in 5 minutes I have my first hat ready to go. Holy cow!! PERFECT !!!!! Did the second with another design (Both 3.5 inches tall) Not the ***** 2 inch joby. Again picture perfect!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Let me get a few hat jobs under my belt and I'll call you for another soon!

Thanks Jim B.


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